Benik Motevosian, Founder & CTO

Benik is a graduate of University of Michigan with career background in research, development, engineering,and Operations Management in variety of industries.  In his 40 plus years of experience, His successful career crosses over many boundaries from financial management to software development, consulting and training.

The last 15 were spent in the Transportation industry software development field. Benik offers a wealth of experience and has continually demonstrated sound, practical leadership throughout his life.

Working with his brother Michael Matosian, developing simple, process centric focused software for medium size trucking companies became a passion for Benik. Over the last 15 years, Benik and his brother have continuously revised and modified the system logics and functionality to be the simplest system to learn and operate.


2-MichaelMichael Matosian, Founder & CFO

Michael is a true pioneer in the trucking business. He started driving truck for a moving company back in Detroit, Michigan. He quickly dived into becoming a full pledge Owner Operator covering US and Canada for over 25 years.

Michael is currently operating THE BEST TRUCKS INC. A carrier based out of Irwindale, California with brokerage out of Benton Harbor, Michigan.



5-Alex-300Alex Motevosian, Manager, Sales & Marketing

Alex is a graduate of Marketing & Business from Colorado State University. Alex grew up in Saint Joseph, Michigan then moved to California to pursue his career.

Alex is currently working at THE BEST TRUCKS INC. A carrier operation based out of Irwindale, California with brokerage out of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Alex’s combined background in Marketing and trucking operations, have placed him in just the right position to lead the growing business of Dispatch Power.

Alex has a lot to offer and we are just delighted to have him as part of our operations.